March, 30th 2018

Are you thinking about the possibility of renting an apartment of your property?

Are you thinking about the possibility of renting an apartment of your property?
Maybe you have an empty house or flat as result of a recent inheritance. Or maybe as an investment for the future, hoping the market prices to increase and achieve the highest benefit. Having a vacant house is expensive: there are a number of fixed costs such as IBI, Community fees and reparations, minimums payments of electricity and water. And even in some cases the mortgage loan.

A good option to get benefit from your property is to put it for rent. That way you can get a fixed amount of money to help all described above payments. And even get an additional profit for you.

The advantage of having your property for rent is that the maintenance will be optimal. Keep in mind that both landlords and tenants will is to keep it in top condition.  Otherwise with an empty house, any failure of water or power would be hard to detect with empty house. Solving these problems in time avoids having to deal with mayor repairs. And prevents damage to neighbors’ property. 

All our experience at your service:

With Fincas Carbonell assure you that your property is in safe hands. We provide professional advice and guidance throughout the duration of your apartment, local or parking procediment.

• Conducting a property valuation, according to the market and that fits to your needs. And trying to rent your property as quickly as possible.
• We advertise your property in the real estate industry leading websites: and And other webs such as the API’S ASSOCIATION (Real Estate Property Agents) we also placed advertisement posters on the same property and other advertising campaigns (mailings, e-mailings, collaborations with other professionals ...)
• We made photographic or video reports in order to achieve greater dissemination and maximum possible contacts.
• Manage the Energy and habitability certificates, which are indispensables to rent your home.
• We establishing a tenant selection plan. With best guarantees. Requesting all the essential documentation: payrolls, income certificates, employment contracts ... always in compliance with the rules established by the Data Protection Law.
• We write the Tenancy Agreement including the responsibilities and obligations of each party during the rental agreement. We are always updated about changes in Tenant Laws.
• We manage the best home insurances for you and your property.

And our work does not end here. Because we will be on your side till the end of the contract or its renewal. Always working for your property increases his profitability.

Trust Fincas Carbonell for the management of your property. We advise and assist our clients since 1929. Our experience is your best guarantee.

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